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Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm glad you're here! I work with children, young adults, new parents, and families in the areas of trauma, attachment, adjustment, stress/anxiety, and behavior challenges. My goal is to help you face the challenges in your life so you can blossom to your fullest potential. 

Although I was born in Kentucky, I spent my middle and high school years in a small rural town in central New York (you’ll notice my area code!). After attending college in Buffalo, NY I headed west to San Diego, CA, where I worked with children and families for 5 years. Wanting to focus on trauma and attachment issues, I went on to get my MSW in Boston, MA. Graduating in 2014, I then moved to the mountains of Western NC.

In my personal time, I love being outside around plants and animals, cooking food, and new projects.  

My Approach

I take a person-centered, strength-based, empowering, and mindful approach to therapy. I am an empathetic and compassionate soul who believes in the power of relationships with one another, the earth, and ourselves. It is within the context of each of these relationships that we can find or lose balance. I believe that everyone has the capacity for growth and change. I interweave a variety of approaches to help facilitate growth and change. These include mindfulness, movement, art, play, EMDR, and TF-CBT.

Licensure &Certifications


*Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#C010217)                *EMDR

*200-hour Yoga Teacher Training                                   *Trauma-Focused CBT 

*Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional                   *Triple P Parenting Provider

*Emergency Responder & Public Safety Certified Clinician 

*Florida out-of-state telehealth provider (#363)